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Real-time data validation enables Caspian Insurance to ensure their lead database is of the highest possible quality, reducing time spent on inaccurate data.


About Caspian Insurance

Caspian Insurance is one of the UK's leading Life Insurance Agencies, offering policies to both individuals and businesses. The  company prides itself of delivering a five-star service to its customers, and this is reflected in customer feedback reviews across the web.



Caspian's core values are all about delivering a 5-star service to their customers and a key part of this is ensuring all contact details are up to date. The nature of life insurance services means that whilst web forms are a key part of generating a quote, a conversation with the customer to fully understand their circumstances is critical to ensuring they obtain the best value of cover for their needs. Caspian were finding that many enquiries submitted via their website were incomplete, sometimes with incorrect or invalid phone numbers, leading to increased resource allocation to obtaining the correct detail to generate quotes.



Caspian had identified that the customer service team were spending a significant amount of time attempting to contact customers who had submitted forms via the website as phone numbers were not always correct or valid. As it was established that this was the root cause of many leads submitted via the website they set about finding a solution that could eliminate the problem of invalid and incorrect numbers at the point-of-capture, and turned to Data8 to see how we could help.



Caspian chose Data8 phone validation for both Landline and Mobile numbers to ensure that regardless of the type of number entered, it could be checked and validated in real time at the point of entry. This has resulted in a number of benefits, including:

- A better user experience on their website by flagging an invalid number to the user upon entry

- Elimination of incorrectly formatted numbers entering their CRM system

- Reduction in Customer Services resource to locate a correct number for a lead, as the number entered into their CRM system has already been pre-validated and certified as authentic

- Reduction in hoax quotation requests via their webforms



Data-8's attention to detail and understanding of our business goals helps us quickly scale and adapt our services and integrations. Our account manager is always on hand to advise the best method of validation for each journey type, and they've proved invaluable when switching to a more customised solution.

Hayley Clucas, Head Of Marketing at Caspian Insurance


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