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Nearly 11,000 email addresses found as duplicates and corrected and almost 10,000 addresses removed due to the mailbox being invalid or non-existent.


About Elemis

Elemis Skincare specialises in targeted skin and body care using natural active ingredients combined with science to create luxury products. With their products selling globally, Elemis has a vast international database of consumers.



Elemis’ marketing team had planned a large email campaign across the US using DotMailer as their email marketing platform, however with high bounce rates and duplicate records, they felt that previous campaigns had underperformed. To improve their engagement rates, their team actively sought out Data8 to work with to improve the quality of their data.



The data cleansing team at Data8 used email validation solutions and fuzzy matching technology. The data file was uploaded in different files to create individual rules for the varied types of cleansing to effectively target the variety of errors found in the database. The data file contained over 239,000 records.

The email validation:

  • Checks that the email domain exists and can accept messages.
  • Suggests corrections for misspelt domain names.
  • Identifies those registered with preference centres.
  • Checks that the domain will accept messages for the individual mailbox.
  • Identifies email addresses as personal, generic, free etc.
  • Suggests corrections for misspelt user names.
  • Identifies duplicate email addresses using fuzzy matching technology



Elemis’ input data contained syntax errors, suppression errors, invalid email domain names and also invalid usernames meaning 6.73% of their database comprised of invalid email addresses, all of which were corrected. Further corrections made were:

Nearly 11,000 email addresses found as duplicates and corrected
Almost 10,000 addresses removed due to the mailbox being invalid or non-existent
Just under 2,500 email addresses removed due to domain errors such as invalid IP addresses, unable to receive email, or non-existent domain
357 found with syntax errors such as invalid username or domain, no ‘@’ or too many ‘@’, all of which were corrected.
104 email addresses removed who had opted out of receiving communication
In addition to having clean, trusted data, Elemis identified the following benefits:

  • Lowered bounce rates in email campaigns
  • Higher opens and click conversion rates
  • Compliance with the Data Protection Law
  • Improved customer satisfaction using de-duplication as the duplicate contacts won’t receive multiple communications
  • Increased understanding of the impact of clean data


Data8 were really great team to work with. They gave us full support in cleansing our data from start to finish, making the whole process straight forward and easy to complete. They helped us understand the importance of the process and the long term affects this can have on our data. With their help we have now minimised email bounce backs by eliminating false/inactive addresses which has in turn improved our email open and bounce rates. We will definitely be working again with them in the near future to further improve our data quality!

CRM Executive at Elemis


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