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Liquid Friday employ and contract out specialist workers for use by third parties. 

It provides services, skills and expertise across the construction, healthcare, education, engineering, IT, and Health & Social Care sectors. They are the experts at making contracting easy, fun and engaging through simplifying the process for contractors and recruiters.


Liquid Friday needed a bank validation solution that could be rapidly deployed into their Salesforce CRM solution. Due to recent changes in Salesforce security requirements its existing provider could no longer offer a solution. Liquid Friday had very little notice of the withdrawal of this service, leaving it without the much needed service.



The primary objective was to ensure the continuity of service for customers. Liquid Friday needed a provider that could move rapidly and had the experience to further develop and customise their service. They were looking to deliver a more bespoke service to their customers and users. They were looking for a sophisticated tool which would return the correct branch information to customers to confirm.



Data8 implemented a bank validation tool into Liquid Friday’s Salesforce CRM which validates sort codes, account numbers, and branch details in real time. Data8’s tool also identifies the type of account and whether it accepts direct debit. The tool was up and running within days, fulfilling their need for a rapid response.



Liquid Friday was quickly provided with a bank validation tool that enables the smooth running of making payments to customers. It provided:

  • This is critical to Liquid Friday; inaccuracy would result in either incorrect payments or delayed payments to customers.
  • Peace of mind. The bank validation gives customers peace of mind that Liquid Friday has acknowledged and implemented their payment preference.
  • Resource saving. The staff no longer have to spend time manually checking bank details, so they can concentrate on delivering key tasks.
We were impressed at the rapid response of Data8 in implementing customisations in our Salesforce. They embedded the sophisticated tool with speed and expertise, so we continued to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Joe Taffurelli, Operations Manager at Liquid Friday