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Media Flip were creating an app, that would allow individuals to send out letters from Father Christmas to recipients over the festive period. It was estimated that 7,000 letters would be sent, with 80% of people sending a letter on behalf of Santa being parents. However, the other 20% would be grandparents or extended family who may not be sure of the child’s full address or postcode.



They needed an address lookup solution that would integrate with their web form to capture accurate data at the point of entry. It was necessary for the solution selected to autocomplete, if only partial addresses were known by their clients. This way, letters were sent out to the right children, and surprises were kept without having to ask parents for their details.



It was advised by our experts, that Media Flip should use our Predictive Address services, generating a list of suggestions in real time once a client starts typing in the address. This has saved them a lot of time and money, along with happy recipients of their Father Christmas letters.


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