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About My Local Toolbox

Alongside a small dedicated team of digital specialists, work hard every day to help their customers find the right tradesperson for the job.



My Local Toolbox helps homeowners find the best tradespeople near them - whether it's a builder, an electrician, a decorator, or a roofer, they can help. Homeowners can post a job to request quotes. As part of doing so, they need to submit their phone number. They found that up to 10% of jobs posted didn't include the correct contact details which created issues with lead quality further down the chain. Lead quality is critical, because the tradespeople need to be able to speak to homeowners to provide a quote. Invalid contact details created unnecessary admin by issuing refunds to tradespeople and wasted time for all involved, including the homeowner.

They calculated that invalid phone numbers were causing between 250 - 300 hours to be wasted every year in dealing with invalid leads.



My Local Toolbox needed a solution that increased lead quality and eliminated unnecessary admin created from invalid contact data. By utilising Data 8's real-time phone validation across their web forms, they are able to identify incorrect or mis-typed phone numbers at point of entry and prompt the homeowner to check and correct the details so they can successfully receive quotes from tradespeople. 



Before implementation, My Local Toolbox were reporting that as much as 10% of leads submitted contained invalid phone numbers. After implementation, they saw an increase in lead quality and a significant reduction in admin whilst maintaining high lead volumes.



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