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Paragon cleansed and enriched their data during their migration to Salesforce, improving targeting and segmentation.


About Paragon Sports Management

Paragon Sports Management are a leading provider of hospitality and events to both corporate and high net worth individuals, as well as a management agency for some of the biggest names in the world of sport and entertainment.



Paragon had their customer and email data in separate silos: Salesforce and DotMailer. With their license expiry date approaching, Paragon integrated DotMailer and Salesforce to use DotMailer’s marketing automation tool and segment more effectively within Salesforce.

Paragon’s input data contained duplicate records, out of date information, incorrect email addresses and had a lack of company information such as industry type, turnover and employee bands. Prior to migrating their data, they wanted to complete a data cleansing exercise as to only import correct data in the new platform.



Data8 added new columns into Salesforce which included all the entities that needed populating, for example, last mail dates. A Data8 plugin was used to extract the Salesforce data and the input data was then matched to Data8’s Business Universe to remove:

  • Businesses that have gone into administration
  • Domains that do not work
  • Emails that do not work
  • Deceased individuals
  • Flag individuals operating on free / ISP emails

Then data was enriched to create a more wholesome record. Details were added, which included:

  • SIC Codes
  • Turnover bands
  • Employee number bands
  • Contact details
  • Derive title
  • Telephone number

Finally, records were de-duplicated and merged into order to create unique records in a format which enables importation into Salesforce, populating the new columns with cleansed and correct data. Find out more about Business Insights.



After cleansing their data, Paragon identified the following benefits:

  • The ability to use a single customer view.
  • Targeted emailing and segmentation was improved.
  • Removal of emails that did not work reduced bounce rates and improved email deliverability.
  • Optimisation of data allowed for omni-channel connectivity.
  • Removal of dupes ensured Paragons reputation was not diminished.


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