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Address Validation has reduced costs for Pink Boutique by improving communications and deliveries. 


About Pink Boutique

Pink Boutique is an online fashion retail store based in the UK who offer on-trend clothes at competitive prices, including limited edition pieces.



Pink Boutique were looking to implement a new address lookup solutions for a more competitive price than their current provider whilst maintaining an excellent level of service.

The solution needed to be incredibly accurate and avoid typos being stored in their CRM in order to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce the number of failed deliveries.

Pink Boutique needed a smooth transition between their former address lookup provider with no disruption to their website.

Their requirements were:

  • Extremely accurate details in order to continue providing their premium and dependable service.
  • A long term and sophisticated solution that would provide real-time address lookup and validation to meet their ongoing business needs.
  • An easily-integrated solution that would work online and in their back end systems.



Pink Boutique integrated Data8’s Address Lookup solution onto their website to improve user experience, speed up online registration and collect accurate customer details. Any incorrect details would be fixed at the moment of input in order to prevent future problems.



The solution has reduced costs and works very reliably and is consistent. Pink Boutique benefits from an easily-maintained and accurate solution that helps to improve communications and deliveries.



I contacted Data 8 and explained what the issues were with our previous supplier and that they weren’t open to negotiate the rate. Sam came back with a really good price and we decided to trial the service. The service has been spot on so will be sticking with it. I recommend giving Data 8 a try. You get a fantastic service and it’s at a great price.

David Jackson, IT Manager at Pink Boutique


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