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Salience was founded in 2009 providing SEO & PPC services to organisations of all sizes.


About Salience

Since then the company has grown in both size and skill set and now provides a wide range of services, including CRO, copywriting, digital PR and lead generation services.



One of Salience's core propositions is that of lead generation for financial services and home improvement companies. Such organisations require a very high level of data quality when it comes to leads, particularly in terms of accurate address information and phone numbers.

A key metric of receiving a commission on leads generated is having a valid phone number, be it landline or mobile. In short, a lead that cannot be contacted by phone for follow-up results in no commission being paid to Salience.



Salience assessed several phone validation services but were particularly impressed with the Data8 phone validation service, which had a number of benefits over other providers, such as:

  • Easy Integration with web forms as well as plugins for WordPress forms, Unbounce and several other landing page platforms
  • The ability to check phone numbers entered were valid, callable and formatted correctly at point-of-capture
  • Fast response times from the service, ensuring numbers were validated in real-time.



Salience has been using Data8 Phone Validation services since 2013, and have seen a huge improvement in the quality of phone numbers entered via their lead gen web forms. This has resulted in an elimination of invalid leads and assured commission by only supplying contactable information to clients.

In 2020 the company also decided to look at alternatives to their incumbent supplier of Address Verification services. Upon being given a free trial of our PredictiveAddress and Postcode Lookup Address Verification solutions, they took the decision to switch that service to Data8.

The key benefits of this were not only that of using one supplier, but also that all data quality services were unified under one management portal, Data8online. From Data8online, Salience is able to get a single-pane-of-glass view of usage and costings of all validation solutions used on their lead generation forms.



Since introducing Data8 Phone validation we've seen a huge improvement in the accuracy of telephone numbers entered via our web forms. The speed at which the service validates and formats a telephone number ensures a great user experience for users.

We were given a comprehensive trial of Data8 Address Verification services, as well as a tour of Data8online. Upon seeing the benefits of these services, we decided to bring all Data Quality services under one roof and with the help of our account manager, Jack, we were able to transfer Address Verification to Data8 quickly and smoothly.

James Clayton, Director at Salience


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