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The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity perform bi-annual cleanses via the Data8 self-service portal and use email validation to reduce communication costs.


About The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity raises money solely to support The Royal Marsden, a world-leading cancer centre based in London.



The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity cleanse their entire fundraising database on a bi-annual basis, as well as smaller ad-hoc cleansing jobs throughout the year in order to maintain the quality of their database. Whilst generally happy with the incumbent supplier, upon discussions with our specialist charity sector Account Manager, they decided to look at the services on offer from Data8, particularly the self-service portal for data cleansing, data8 online.



The Charity were given a tour of our online data suite, including the self-service data cleansing area and dashboard, which also includes Data8 Validation Services.

Upon reviewing the capabilities of the dashboard and the simplicity offered in uploading files for cleansing, they were particularly impressed with the depth of datasets that can be used to cleanse their data and ability to conduct a free data audit on uploaded files before committing to purchase. The ease of use of the self-service portal and no license fee for using the service were also of great appeal to the charity.



Since moving data cleansing requirements to Data8, The Royal Marsden have also explored other data quality services available via the online portal, and have recently implemented email validation to help reduce costs in communicating with donors when conducting fundraising campaigns and keeping donors updated on the work they are doing via e-newsletters.

Being able to conduct free data audits up-front with no license fee as-and-when needed has provided a real benefit to the charity, and the intuitive user interface with step-by-step guidance on uploading files for cleansing has meant new team members can be on-boarded quickly and easily.


Data8 have provided an excellent level of support - we know that if we ever have any queries around the service, Jo is always on hand to help.

Lisa Williamott, Head of Fundraising Operations at The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity


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