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The University of East London undertook Data8's free data quality audit which is available self-serve via our online portal for over 100,000 records.

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About University of East London

They are a careers-led university, dedicated to supporting students to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly changing world. 



The University of East London (UEL) recently started work on migrating over 100,000 records from a legacy alumni database to Microsoft Dynamics 365.The main objective of the data team was to kick off the new CRM project with a fully up-to-date database, removing any information that was out-of-date, such as identifying gone-aways, movers and deceased, as well as ensuring GDPR compliance. This would then allow the University to re-engage with its alumni as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible. To help with this, the team reached out to Data8 to explore how our cleansing services could help achieve the objective.



As a first step, UEL undertook our free data quality audit which is available via our online portal data8 online. This allowed the data team to identify any existing issues that required attention, such as address formatting issues, gone-aways and deceased records that existed on their database. By undertaking this initial audit, they could quickly assess any resource commitment needed to correct any issues and achieve an accurate view of the costs to cleanse the database as well as identifying any areas of focus to the database that required resolving before migrating to the updated CRM system.



The data quality audit allowed the team at UEL to not only identify issues that required attention prior to the CRM migration, but also to easily demonstrate to the board at UEL the cost and resources required to improve the data quality of the alumni database, with quantitative statistics on the improvements that will be made to that database by proceeding with the cleansing service. This resulted in a fast sign-off for the cleansing project and has also given UEL confidence to proceed with the implementation of advanced deduplication and merge tool, Data8 Duplicare, to maintain the quality of the alumni database going forward.

"The data quality audit allowed the project team to see the nature of any issues in the database and to focus on the tasks that needed to be undertaken quickly." Alan Fleming



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