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Since implementing the Data8 Phone Validation tool, Veriform Digital has removed all issues with phone validation on their lead generation forms.

About Veriform Digital

Veriform Digital is a performance marketing company based in Hemel Hempsted. They specialise in lead generation solutions for companies of all sizes, from SME's right up to enterprise.



Veriform already had phone validation on their website. However, they were finding that the API used was becoming increasingly unreliable. Suffering regular periods of downtime from a few hours to a few days and with little communication from their supplier, forced them to assess the market for other suppliers that could provide the service.

For Veriform, the key requirements were clear: To find a service with excellent uptime, along with effective Account Management and support. They were also looking for a solution that could be installed and configured quickly and easily, with a good level of technical documentation and support around API's.



After testing the Data8 Phone Validation service with complimentary test credits, Veriform moved quickly to implement the service on their lead generation forms. Key points that stood out for Veriform in choosing the service included:

  • Sub-second response times in validation of telephone numbers
  • Dedicated account manager as a single point of contact for all technical and commercial queries
  • Comprehensive API Documentation reducing the requirement for additional support in implementing the service



Since the introduction of Data8 Phone Validation, Veriform have seen a dramatic reduction in support calls from clients regarding issues with phone validation - in fact, since implementing the service, the company has not received a single call regarding issues with phone validation from its clients with no service downtime reported. They have also noticed a considerable improvement in response times around Phone Validation on their lead generation forms.

Uptime has been 100% and the company have been extremely impressed with the account management provided. Because of this, they have also explored additional services available from Data8, and in addition to Phone Validation, have also introduced the Address Cleansing service to further enhance the data quality of leads captured via their web forms.


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