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Data Validation is an ever-changing marketplace with increasing changes and complex rules. 

Black Friday/Cyber Monday blog post

Find Peace Amidst the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mayhem

Retailers are starting to send out marketing campaigns for Black Friday, but how can you prepare for such a mad rush? We share 5 tips retailers can implement to ensure they’re ready.

Data Migration

3 Steps for Easy Data Migration: Simplifying the Process

Data migration is a critical process: three essential steps to simplify the data migration process and ensure a successful transition.

Data decay: Could Data Decay be Eating into your Annual Budget?

Data has a shelf life. It can decay, degrade, age, or turn stale; meaning that the data you store is potentially outdated and incurring costs.

Checkout Abandonment: Are you Tracking the Right Metric?

Checkout Abandonment – Are you Tracking the Right Metric? It takes a lot of resources to make an ecommerce business successful. Potential customers suddenly abandoning during the checkout process is not only disappointing, but costly in both time and money.

The Deadline for Unclaimed Gift Aid

The Deadline for Unclaimed Gift Aid is Fast Approaching

Did you know that the HMRC has estimated there’s over £500m of unclaimed Gift Aid for this tax year alone? According to UKFundraising, charities now have until the 5th of April to search for this missing revenue.

Data Quality in the Public Sector

Data Quality in the Public Sector

Data is fundamental in driving effective decision-making: bad data informs bad decisions.  The Digital Transformation roadmap laid out by the UK Government is reliant on quality data.

Christmas Checklist 2022

Before you go off on your Christmas break, make sure you have covered off our Christmas Data Checklist.

Maintaining Customer Trust with Quality Data

Data quality may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking into improving customer trust but having quality data can help you and your business in a variety of different ways. Here we take a look at how the quality of data can impact your business...

Maximising Gift-Aid Contributions

In this blog post, we take a look at Gift Aid, and the importance of having valid and correctly formated address details when submitting claims to HMRC...