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Make the most of New Year Resolutions to give to charity

Now that the festive season is over, it’s time to get people thinking about acting on that resolution to make a donation to charity.

Getting the correct information from potential supporters and donors is essential to ensure that you can connect with them, that payment can be taken, and can help with Gift Aid recording.

Save money and run more effective campaigns

  • Standardising and completing the address, phone numbers and email of supporters in your database ensures that you can always contact them.
  • Screening against current TPS lists will keep it legal by preventing calls to people who don’t want them (Remember; anyone can sign up for the TPS, at any time).
  • Check for people who have moved or died, so you are not wasting money sending out mailings to people who are no longer there.
  • Everyone hates getting multiple copies of mailings or emails! Removing duplicate records will both save you money and enhance your reputation in your supporter’s eyes.
  • Target more affluent donors by profiling them; based on where they live.

Reduce cart abandonment and give your supporters a better experience on your site

70% of all eCommerce visitors abandon their shopping cart .28% of these cite “A too long or complicated checkout process”.

Reduce abandonment by giving your donors a better experience.

  • Filling in complete addresses, in real time, from the minimum of keystrokes, will make it easier and quicker for your supporters to achieve their aim, and will ensure that you have correct and complete information.
  • An immediate check whether a phone number or email address is real, or has been entered incorrectly, will prevent mistakes and ensure that you can get back in touch.
  • Credit card numbers and bank accounts are easy to mistype, especially on a phone. Checking them at the point of entry will ensure that you can take their gift.

Give your supporters a better, faster, experience (UX) with auto-completion and real-time checking of the information they enter into your website or eCommerce system.

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