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Data8 Welcomes Tess

Data8 Welcomes Tess

Data8 welcomes Tess

In what is becoming a tradition, we ask a new starter to write a blog for us to induct themselves into the world of data8. This time it is the turn of Tess. Since writing this blog, she has discovered that she passed her degree with a 1st which is absolutely fantastic. Tess – we salute you.

My name is Tess and I recently started work at data8 as a software developer. I had just finished a Computer Science degree while raising my two children when I was offered a job.

My University course was in Thornton Science Park, my course (which was about 98% male dominated) was fantastic and gave me opportunities to learn about interesting modules like artificial intelligence and Cisco. The experience of being one of very few females among students or indeed staff, made me feel even more determined to finish the course and surpass average results.

I was initially apprehensive due to finding programming very daunting and was worried that I would struggle to keep up with the level of information I would need to take in. After 2 days I was much less nervous as I was given tasks to complete, but with no monitoring – this way I was able to spend as long on each task as I wanted to without feeling pressured to finish and being able to learn as much as possible by trying it as many ways as I wanted.

I have felt welcome from day one, the equipment is great and there’s lots of space. I am loving that there’s a Dev Team meeting each week, so you know roughly what people are working on, or planning to work on.

On a personal note I’m a keen prosecco connoisseur, a total foodie, enjoyer of gardening, hiker of countryside, reader of books and watcher of films.

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