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Data8 Announces Acquisition of TK Dialogs

Here at Data8, we’re always looking to expand our business in ways that’ll benefit our loyal customers. That’s why, we’re proud to announce our recent acquisition of Team Knowledge Ltd, publisher of the well-known TK Dialogs software.

Used extensively worldwide, inside companies and online, TK Dialogs in an advanced, logic driven user interface that reduces the complexity of CRM systems and improves user adoption using defined and simple processes to complete daily tasks. With its No Code software, TK Dialogs easily converts call handling and scripting requirements into a user-friendly front end, helping countless companies to simplify complex processes, reduce training time and improve the customer journey.

Our Managing Director, Antony Allen, stated:

“We’re very excited to be able to feature TK Dialogs as part of our expanding portfolio. This software will improve the user adoption of many complex CRM systems. The No Code approach used in this solution was an important factor in this acquisition. TK Dialogs makes design, scripting and publishing defined processes a simple task, that doesn’t require costly IT support and development.”

Since our inception in 2005, our mission has always been to deliver the complete CRM solution to customers worldwide. In that time, we’ve become a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve perfected our suite of solutions, and we’ve launched Data8 exclusive products, Duplicare and Provenance; two innovative B2B solutions designed to maintain data hygiene, ensure compliance and maximise return on investment. But despite all of this, we believe our acquisition with TK Dialogs is one of our biggest milestones in achieving that, to date.

“This acquisition presents a real opportunity for Data8; we’re in a financially strong position to further develop our presence in customer relationship management solutions. Before year-end, the TK Dialogs team of technical experts will be co-located with our own team in Chester, and I’m certain we’ll benefit from their significant experience and technical know-how. Our investment in and support of the North West economy over the past 15 years continues and we have some exciting plans for further expansion”.   Antony Allen, Managing Director

As Microsoft has deprecated their Dialogs product within Dynamics 365 CRM, TK Dialogs is a natural replacement solution for MS Dialogs, but with even more features and capability.

The TK Dialogs Builder effortlessly creates reusable user processes of any complexity and integrates fully with Dynamics 365/CRM data through the Common Dara Service (CDS). Data from SharePoint and other data sources can be included, and developers can create pages of rich content with comprehensive input validation.

“There are synergies to be had in the Microsoft space, and TK Dialogs will enable us to add value to our clients’ CRM systems, allowing them to define business logic, user inputs and links to data sources without software development. And with our own data cleansing and enhancement capabilities, we can now offer one of the most robust data and CRM solution services in the world, all developed and supported in-house”, Allen concludes.

Learn more about TK Dialogs, and organise a demo to discover the power of our solutions for yourself.

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