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Magento Plugin Update

Here at Data8, we’re always updating our services to uphold our position at the forefront of the industry, and that extends throughout all our integrations. In fact, last week marked the release of our latest version of Magento, the world’s market-leading eCommerce platform to date.

As the volume of online transactions significantly increases, it’s essential for all businesses to not only stay up to date with the latest trends, but to deliver first-class, accurate and efficient shopping cart solutions. That’s why with every update, we go to new lengths to deliver the very thing that all customers demand; convenience – and our latest version is no different.

Renowned for its high customisability and ease of integration, Magento currently powers around 245,000 websites worldwide. And while the popular platform has accomplished great wonders in the big world of eCommerce, our cart validation plugin extends its power by verifying key information at the point of entry. By capturing valid, complete and accurate customer data in real-time, you’ll instantly boost conversions by improving delivery efficiency and reducing cart abandonment.

So, what’s different?

Easier integration

The latest update brings a brand new look to the configuration page, making it easier than ever before to get our plugin setup and running on a Magento 2 website.

Further flexibility

The update features an entirely new option, adding the ability to validate data as it is entered rather than on form submission, further improving user experience and potentially reducing checkout times.

Extended application

The update extends our validation and address capture services to all data entry points throughout your Magento site, including checkout and account management.

Increased support

All services are now all fully supported and will be automatically applied across your site where appropriate.

Additional features

The update encompasses a complete suite of real-time validation services, including:


  • Validation Services:
    • Email Validation
    • Telephone Validation (International Telephone Validation with Mobile and Landline options)
    • Unusable Name Validation


Other improvements include increased efficiency, reliability and support for the latest versions of Magento (tested from version 2.1.16 to 2.3.1).

Getting started

To get started, simply go to the Magento Integration page and you'll find the download options. 

You can even try out our products for free, and when you sign up, you only pay for the credits you need.

Next Steps

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