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Microsoft Dynamics Update

Microsoft Dynamics Update
Microsoft Dynamics Update

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and global innovator of data quality solutions, we’re at the forefront of our fast-expanding industry.

Whether it be through eliminating multiple duplicates at once or verifying all aspects of a customer’s data in real-time, our plugin ensures unmatched record integrity across the complete data lifecycle. In fact, whether you have online Dynamics 365 CE online, Dynamics 365 CRM on-premise or even CDS by integrating your system with our world-class solutions, you’ll instantly gain the power of a single, valid and in-depth customer view; the powerhouse of strategic decisions.

To remain at the cutting edge of today’s digitally advanced market, we’re always updating our plugin to deliver complete convenience, unsurpassed value and an unmatched UX. Last week, we released the latest version of our Duplicare solution on AppSource with some major new features and updates. Starting with Duplicare V3 you can now perform “Global Search” across your system using advanced fuzzy technology that hasn’t ever been achievable before in an out of the box world. Being quickly able to find existing records in your system through an easy to use and customizable interface, you can dramatically reduce the rate duplicates are added to your system whilst speeding up data entry or searching at the same time.

Also included in the V3 solution are some speed improvements and finally full integration with the new Unified Interface – which will be the only option available to all online users by October 2020.

Combine this with our pioneering PredictiveAddress, phone & email validation, provenance and business insight tools and you’ll speed up your employee’s data entry time by up to 80%, all while enhancing the quality of your database.

To discover the incredible benefits for yourself, check out our latest release notes and download our latest version today

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