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Are you suffering with a high volume of abandoned carts? Maybe you're receiving a large percentage of hard bounces? Or are you tired of wasting time and money calling invalid phone numbers? 

With just three simple tools from Data8, you could make all of this a thing of the past, seizing every opportunity in real time to gain an incredible ROI. And with BFCM weekend, Christmas and the January sales just around the corner, there's no better time to give your shopping cart some much needed TLC than the present. 


During big sales events, such as Black Friday, time is limited, and it's not long before in-demand items sell out. So it's important to remember that your customers want to purchase your products as quick as possible, before carrying on their search for the next great bargain.

Therefore, if they feel like they're missing out on other deals because your checkout process is long and complicated, they're likely to just abandon it and move on.


    21% of customers said they would abandon the cart if the checkout process took too long (Statista).


That's why, in order to make sure as many customer’s convert, you need to create a shopping experience that's speedy, seamless, and simple.

But that’s not all – because customers don't want to spend long checking out, they also don't have the incentive to spend time and effort typing in the correct data when filling out the required fields. So inevitably, mistakes are made and invalid data is captured and stored.

This data can have huge implications on your future productivity and prosperity. After all, a mistyped digit is essentially a missed opportunity. That’s why, in order to succeed, you need the necessary tools in place to ensure all data captured is accurate and verified. 

You need Data8.

We provide market-leading solutions to help you deliver an unsurpassed customer experience, all while enhancing the quality of your data. In fact, as an industry leader, we’re proud to offer an ever-increasing range of shopping cart integrations, so you can quickly plug in and transform your checkout within minutes.

Our range of shopping cart integrations:

   Magento             prestashop        opencart       woocommerce

unbounce          wordpress    formshack      


Tools to help your checkout experience:

Address Validation

As your customer starts to type their address or postcode, our advanced predictive technology analyses a range of data sources to narrow down the options; intelligently predicting, completing and standardising all necessary fields in minimum keystrokes.

By requiring minimum time, effort and friction from the customer, we significantly speed up the form-filling process, streamlining checkouts to reduce cart abandonments and increase conversions.

Plus, thanks to our vast range of industry leading data sources, we ensure that all data captured is complete, accurate and validated at point of entry, increasing the quality of your database, and enhancing the deliverability of your customer's goods post-purchase.

Email Verification

Looking beyond syntax, we verify much more than just the structure of an email address. We carry out live checks, as well as scanning for potential typos, fuzzy logic and spelling mistakes, to make sure that it’s 100% genuine, active and deliverable at point of entry.

By highlighting invalid fields in red, customers can correct errors in real time, ensuring no inaccurate email addresses are captured and stored. That way, you’ll save considerable time contacting invalid records, increasing delivery rates and boosting conversions.

Plus, by intelligently predicting what part of the address is incorrect and suggesting clickable corrections in real time, you’ll save the customer considerable time, reducing the volume of cart abandonments through streamlined checkouts and enhanced customer satisfaction.

For more information on why you need email validation this holiday season, be sure to check out or blog; ‘5 reasons you need email validation’.

Phone Validation

It only takes a single mistyped digit for a prospective customer to become a missed opportunity. That’s why we go the extra mile when it comes to phone validation, checking more than just the length of the number.

In fact, here at Data8, we carry out live checks to ensure it’s currently active and callable at point of entry.

Again, by highlighting invalid fields in real time, you’ll not only save time and money phoning invalid numbers, you’ll be able to improve customer satisfaction through continued support and service.

So what’s next?

Don't just take our word for it; discover all the benefits for yourself by organising a demo with our expert team at a time and date that suits you.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial to start benefiting from our award-winning tools immediately.

And if you'd like to learn more about the growing demand for seamless ecommerce experiences, be sure to check out our recent blog on; 'Are you ready to flourish digitally this Black Friday'.


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