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What is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing is the process of identifying, eliminating and modifying all out-of-date and invalid data. Its purpose? To ensure every customer record is correct, consistent, up to date and usable, so you can build confidence in your data and gain a high-quality, valuable database.

Why should I cleanse my data?

Imagine if you never cleaned your house, serviced your car, or even updated your phone, they'd all lose considerable value, right? So why is it that so many businesses forget to do the same with their most valuable tool – their customer data?

By always making your data a job for tomorrow, you're not only clogging up your database, but you're also setting your business up for some serious implications down the line. In fact, storing and contacting a number of invalid, out of date records will cost you considerable time and money, distort your campaign results, impact your bounce rates and damage your reputation – just to name a few

By cleansing, de-duplicating and updating all dirty data in bulk, you’ll unlock the value of a clean, accurate and up-to-date database.

How often should I cleanse my data?

On average, customer data decays by 30-percent and business data by 70-percent every year.

Life changes all the time; people get married, move house, and change numbers. The same goes for businesses; companies they get merged, move offices, close down, and employees come and go.

So it’s no surprise that data can become out-of-date and worthless, as quick and as frequent as it’s captured. 

So while there’s no correct or affirmative answer, it’s suggested that businesses should cleanse their database thoroughly and regularly.

Put simply; the more often you detox your data, the more cost-effective, productive, and successful you’ll be.

How do I cleanse my data?

Using Data8’s multi-dimensional Data Cleansing tool, of course.

Our award-winning data cleaning solution has the power to regularly eliminate, modify and enrich all rotten records in bulk, saving your business time, money and reputation.

Plus, depending on how dirty your data is, we offer an express online service or a bespoke bureau solution tailored to your unique needs.

Thanks to our extensive range of market-leading data sources, which are updated regularly, we’re able to provide the most up-to-date, accurate data, so you can gain full confidence in your customer records and drive your business' success.

Encompassing a number of exclusive and pioneering features, our cleansing tool covers the three main stages to achieving complete data quality; data cleansing, data enhancement and data enrichment. 


 Data8's Three Stages of Data Cleansing

Data Cleanse
Data Cleanse 2

1. Data Cleanse

With regular data cleansing, you’ll gain an accurate, up-to-date single customer view; reducing mail wastage, increasing response rate and boosting your brand reputation.


Intelligently match, merge and dedupe replicated records in bulk in order to gain a single customer view and improve your overall data quality.


Instantly identify individuals who have moved away or deceased, in order to quickly suppress all outdated records from your database.

Mover Identification

Transform decayed records into renewed, valuable prospects by capturing the new residential or business location of individuals who have moved.

Data Enhancement

2. Data Enhancement

With our cutting-edge data enhance tools, you’ll reduce the risk of mistyped data becoming a missed opportunity; increasing conversions for a significant ROI.

Address Standardisation 

Instantly enhance address data by automatically correcting typos, consistently completing and formatting necessary fields, and updating postal changes.

Prospect Verification

Gain complete confidence in your data by verifying prospects, intelligently correcting misspelled names and flagging up possible bogus records in real-time.

Contact Data Validation

Carry out live checks on phone numbers and email addresses to verify if they’re accurate and active, suggest corrections and highlight decayed data.

Data Enrichment 1
Data Enrichment 2
Data Enrichment 3
Data Enrichment 4
Data Enrichment 5
Data Enrichment 6

3. Data Enrichment

Our data enrich tools provide in-depth customer insights, so you can make more informed trading decisions, protect your brand reputation and safeguard your organisation from bad debt.

Demographic Profiling

Instantly identify vital market segments such as age and gender to provide a deeper understanding of your customer demographic.

Business Profiling   

Gain a powerful insight into your customer’s financial state, income and wealth to make more enhanced and effective business decisions.

TPS, CTPS and MPS Check

Reduce the risk of receiving costly legal fines by screening your customer database against the TPS, CTPS and MPS registers before contacting them.

Data Cleansing Reports

Get a free health check of your data with our interactive Data Quality Report providing you with a Data Quality Score, data analysis, score improvements, profiling information and much more in an infographic style format.


Check out the interactive data quality example reports below of what you could receive with data8

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