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Picture this: one of your customers rings you up with a simple request. They want to update their records with a new email address. You search their name but you have more than one exact match – what do you do?

  • Enter the new email on all the matching records.
  • Enter the new email on the record you think is the “best” record.
  • Add a completely new record with the new email.
  • Ignore the request and don’t update any data.

By choosing any of these options, you’re just going to be adding to the existing chaos of your data. And okay, it might be just one record, but what happens when that one record becomes two, and then three, and before you know it, you're in a big mess.

By neglecting this data week after week, and year after year, you’re setting up your business for some serious implications; including poor data quality, unnecessary storage and marketing costs, distorted analytics and a damaged brand reputation.

So what’s the best solution?

You take accountability of ALL records; deduping them into one single record.

The importance of data deduplication

Data deduplication is the process of eliminating copies of repeated data and merging them into one single instance storage. By doing this, businesses will instantly improve the quality and organisation of their data; gaining the powerhouse of strategic decisions and the value of a single customer view.

Data deduplication is often found as an additional feature of data cleansing. However, due to so many businesses coming to us with entire databases that had been abandoned beyond repair, we felt that the standard cleanse and dedupe job just wasn’t providing the first-class results we strive for. That’s when we realised there was a huge gap in the market for a specialist product, solely focusing on duplicates in order to meet the unique needs of the business.

The following year, in 2017, we pioneered and launched our very own best-in-class deduplication tool, Duplicare.

Our flagship product has been vigorously perfected with customisable rules, innovative features, advanced data matching and quick, seamless merging, in order to eliminate duplicates with more accuracy, control and speed than ever before. In fact, our market-leading technology has already proven to successfully complete even the most complex of projects, restoring unmatched data quality that had been long lost over a sustained period of neglect.

How does Duplicare work?

Duplicare has the power to match, merge and prevent multiple duplicates at once; adding clarity and value to even the most chaotic databases.

With cutting-edge data matching technology, Duplicare scans every entity to intelligently identify all potential duplicates within a database.

Looking beyond simple and exact matches, our word-class product meticulously inspects the data for variations in names, email addresses, house addresses and company names to capture all prospective replicas.

You can even custom create your own set of matching rules using our simple UI, in order meet your exact requirements.

Duplicare's advanced multi-merge technology enables to you to cleaverly combine and dedupe any number of records in one single click.

Using a master selection rule, you can choose between conflicting record contents, select different contact details from each record, and merge any field in order to gain a valuable, single customer view.

You can also build custom merging rules that meet your bespoke requirements via our easy to use UI. That way, you'll make the process quick and simple, whilst upholding the highest level of data quality possible.

By integrating Duplicare into portals and web forms via API, you can automatically merge new records with existing ones at point of entry.

By combining live data with ghost records in real time, you'll eliminate the creation of multiple records; therefore upholding the upmost data quality and reducing the need for regular dedupe runs.

Plus, in order to make your data imports more accurate than ever before, Duplicare can even be implemented into any importing process.

Start deduping your data today



By using Duplicare – in bulk and in real time – you’ll gain the value of a high quality database, complete with a single view of every customer. This will provide you with a more accurate insight into sales and demographic statistics, while saving you considerable time and money contacting the same customers twice and boosting your brand reputation.


It’ll also help you to quickly and easily find a specific customer record, so the next time your customer rings up with a simple request or amendment, that’s exactly what it will be – simple.


Thanks to Duplicare, cleansing your database of duplicates has never been so accurate, quick and easy.


To learn more about Duplicare, you can arrange a call with our expert team. Or, if you’d like to discover the benefits for yourself, why not arrange a free demo at a time and date that suits you?


Duplicare is downloadable from Microsoft AppSource, and is easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CE, so you can quickly set up and started in no time. 

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