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It’s the beginning of a new year, a new decade, and for many people, a new start.

It’s why millions of people have been working hard to keep their list of New Year’s resolutions, in attempt to trigger positive changes in both their personal and professional lives.

And it's why we suddenly feel the need to cleanse our body of all the festive treats, our house of all the Christmas glitter, and our office of all our old paperwork. But why is it that so many businesses forget to do the same with their most valuable tool – their customer database?

On average, customer data decays by around 30%, and business data by 70%, each year; not only clogging up your database, but also limiting your future success. After all, there’s so many implications to having a dirty database; there's high bounce rates... undelivered parcels... unsatisfied customers... a damaged reputation – just to name a few.

But of course, you’ve already got an extensive to-do list, and going through your database manually is extremely tedious and time consuming. Plus, your customer's data is way too important to take guesses on, and without access to necessary data sources, there’s no way of knowing for definite if the records you’re removing are dirty.

So where do you find the time and resources?

You don’t; you leave it to us – the data specialists.

Our award-winning cleansing tools have the power to intelligently update, erase and de-duplicate all dirty data in bulk, effectively and efficiently. Our SaaS can be easily installed and integrated into your system within minutes, whether you’re implementing our express online service, or a bespoke bureau solution tailored to your unique needs.

Combine this with our real time phone number, bank account and email address verification tools, as well as our award-winning address validation, and you’ll discover the true value of an accurate customer database. In fact, our market-leading fuzzy logic and predictive technology has proven to enhance user experience, streamline checkouts and reduce cart abandonments, boosting customer satisfaction rates and driving conversions.

Our difference? We're completely data independent, so unlike many of our direct competitors, we're not owned or influenced by any major providers. We have access to the most extensive range of industry leading data sources available, so you can rest assured knowing we provide the most accurate, up-to-date results, every time.

So do you want to wave goodbye to those dreaded hard bounces? Maybe you want to successfully deliver all your goods on time, first time? Or do you want to finally turn those abandoned carts into successful orders? Whatever it is, we have the tools to make your data disasters a thing of the past. 


To learn more about how we can help your business and build confidence in your data, you can message us via our live chat, call us, or even schedule a call back. Alternatively, to discover the benefits of our tools first-hand, why not start a free 14 day trial, or organise a bespoke demo for a time and date that suits you?


From all the team here at Data8, we wish you a very Happy New Year, and we can’t wait to make 2020 your best year yet.


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Sophie Evans

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