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Simply Your Mailings

Hopefully you're already cleansing your data before you send out a mailing using our Data8Online self-service portal. We've just added a great new feature to make things even easier for you!

You might be handling data in different formats for each mailing and need to get them into a consistent format. You might be updating your source systems with the goneaway or deceased flags you buy, but need to suppress them from your mailing. And you're probably spending time manually manipulating your data in Excel or other tools to do it.

We've now added a new Mailing File option to Data8Online, so no matter what the format of your original file or whether you're buying flags or suppressions for services like goneaways and deceased, you always get a file ready to use for mailing.

As well as the file you're used to getting, which follows the same format of your original file, you'll get an extra file in a consistent format that's ready to mail.

The mailing file:

  • removes any records matched by goneaway or deceased files, or those identified as duplicates, even if you've purchased flags to update your source database
  • is always in a simple to use and portable CSV file format
  • always has the same columns in the same order, so there's no surprises

When you're purchasing the results of your next data cleanse through Data8Online you'll be able to select the new Mailing File service at the end of the process if you have also selected PAF Cleansing. We've documented the details of the file format you'll get.

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