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I was really excited to be going to my first summit with Data8, but I was nervous about not being ‘techy’ enough and so whilst there was a lull in people passing by our stand I flicked through the list of sessions that were running and saw one being given by Sara Lagerquist and Scott Durow on how the low-code no-code revolution is taking the world of PowerPlatform by storm. This, given that I am not a dev, intrigued me so I thought I’d pop along and see what’s what.


It struck me that I didn’t need to understand code in order to be able to create something but was it really that simple…?

I mentioned the session to my colleague, Matt Beard (something of a rockstar in the Dynamics community) and he pointed me in the direction of the Community Plan and so I signed up, logged in and started working through the Guided Learning and within less than an hour, and with absolutely no previous coding experience whatsoever, I had created my first canvas-based app!


I’m continuing to work through the Guided Learning, next on the agenda is creating a model-driven app and I cannot wait, #maker


I will be updating the blog as I go through the learning process with any tears or shouts of joy! I will also be tweeting everynow and then so please follow me on @Simon_Data8 and please don't hesitate to give me any tips and advice you have.

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Simon Wise

Simon Wise is our Client Services Support Manager so works closely with the client team and the technical team.