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Introducing Lookup+ for Data8 Duplicare

We have recently released version 5 of our industry leading duplicare solution and included within the new version 5 release is a brand-new feature called “Lookup+”. 

Lookup+ is designed to leverage the full power of the duplicare fuzzy searching capabilities and improve the user experience of finding the correct record. By allowing each lookup field to have its own dedupe+ rule, the user experience can be tailored to make selecting the correct record faster and more accurate than ever before. 

Lookup+ is particularly useful where a lookup field needs to be populated by another record and specific requirements much be adhered to. For example, setting the parent account of an account inImagine, we have a field on account that states "Company" or "Site" and the parent account of a "Site" account can only be a "Company" account. This would be difficult to enforce on a standard lookup field but lookup+ can enforce this. 

If we have some sample data has been included as follows: 

"Company" record called "Company A" 
"Site" record called "Company A (London)" 
"Site" record called "Company A (Liverpool)" 

We would like to check this works as expected by trying to set the parent account of "Company A (London)" and the only suitable candidate for this is "Company A". 

In-depth detail on configuring Lookup+ can be found here.

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Matt Beard

Matt Beard

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