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We've Been Getting Involved in the Dynamics Community

Although the coronavirus pandemic has seized normality across the world over the past year, there have been a number of events held throughout the pandemic within the Dynamics community.

Being Part of Virtual Events

In the normal world, such events would have been held in convention halls, but under the current circumstances, these events have been held within the virtual realm. Despite this, here at Data8, we have not been deterred from getting involved with the Microsoft Dynamics community and offering our services to those within the industry.


With this in mind, our latest virtual venture has seen our Data8 team take part in the March 2021 ‘DynamicsCon’, a free online event for Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform users. The event sported a classic comic book theme and was held over a period of 3 days between March 16th & 18th, allowing users from all across the globe to attend and get themselves involved. Hosted by DUG and sponsored by various companies, including Microsoft and Data8, any financial contributions for the event have been kindly donated to charitable causes.

What Did We get Up To?

Our Data8 team specialists have been kept extremely busy across the entire 3-day event. Along with attending the event lectures, the team have been networking with users and other Microsoft partners across the globe to demonstrate the power of Data8 Data Quality solutions for D365 and Power Platform.

The event has been set up across a number of different areas, with specific tracks for D365 Customer Engagement, Business Central, F&O and Power Platform, with speakers showcasing how organisations can maximise the value of the Microsoft stack.

But we didn’t just stand by and watch the event unfold before us! Our superhero representatives of the Data8 sales team members Simon Wise, Karl Stapleton and Connor Farrow, have been holding unique 1-to-1 demonstrations of our services and how such services can uniquely benefit customers across the Globe.

What's Next For the Data8 Team?

You may be wondering ‘'has moving physical events onto an online platform had an impact on foot fall and attendance?’’ and you’ll be surprised to hear ‘not at all. Although we’re all excited to see the return of physical events, we’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed by the attendance of many unique businesses from across the globe specifically within the DynamicsCon event!

If you missed out on our DynamicsCon event, don't worry. In the hope that we will be returning back to normality soon, we have more upcoming events lined up throughout 2021. Want to know more about the events we will be attending? Follow our social channels to keep up to date on upcoming events, software updates and testimonials from companies just like yours!

Next Steps

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Ryan Pickering

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