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Baby Mailing Preference Service 

At Data8, we have been receiving many questions surrounding the possible implementation of the Baby Mailing Preference Service (Baby MPS) feature for our Data Cleanse service. As well as this, many of you have you been enquiring about the future possibility of an 'Event Date' feature, again, in our Data Cleanse service. 

Now, we can proudly announce that both of these features are now available!


Our New Baby MPS Feature

As many of you have expressed an interest in Baby MPS, we have been working behind the scenes to implement this feature onto our Data Cleanse tool. 

Baby MPS is a register of people who have recently lost a baby and would prefer not to receive baby related mailings. Although the companies mailing these parents have good intent, the material can cause unintended harm to the parent's who receive this material after the unfortunate passing of their baby. Our Baby MPS feature can help you stop any baby related mailing being sent to any recipient that has opted out of such material. 

The Baby MPS checkbox field can be found as an additional match type under the regular MPS tab within the Data Cleanse tool. Baby MPS will not require any additional costs on top of the regular MPS feature and the service will be unselected by default as we are aware that this service is not relevant to some.



Event Dates For Gone-away's, Deceased and Movers

Another feature that we have recently received many enquiries for  is the an event dates feature. This new feature that we have now added to our data cleanse service, will allow our customers to obtain the exact recorded date that a recipient has been classed as either a gone-away, deceased or a mover. 

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