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Maintaining Customer Trust with Quality Data

In Today’s competitive market, the key to ensuring that your business stands head and shoulders above the rest is building up an element of trust between business and customer. This will in-turn help you build a reputation amongst your customers and even potential customers.

Data quality may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking into improving customer trust but having quality data can help you and your business in a variety of different ways. Here is how the quality of data can impact your business.

Email Communications

Communicating to Customers

The brands that lose the most trust from their customers are those that fail to communicate effectively, often leading to unfortunate circumstances and disappointment. Without the correct email address, it might be difficult to reach out to a customer if their booking or order has been cancelled, leading to an accelerated lack of trust and tarnishing the brand significantly.

Without an email validation tool, your business could be opened to receiving a multitude of poor email data that could result in backlash further down the line.


Customers may have visited your site in the past and forget that they already have an account with your business. This may lead to them activating more than one account in your system, creating duplicate records within your database.
Using a database de-duplication service can help avoid issues with email, postal and telephone campaigns such as increased fulfillment or contact costs.


Mail & Deliveries

Mail Marketing

The more traditional mail marketing is often seen as ineffective and annoying amongst customers. 

Advertising through mail can be seen as pestering and intrusive, but if you target a deceased customer with advertising, you could be causing grief and frustration towards the existing residents or relatives at the address. This in turn could have a truly damaging impact on your brand's reputation and customers’ trust.

Before performing a physical marketing campaign toward your customer base, conduct a data cleanse that will allow you to remove any movers, goneways and deceased records in your system.

Online Orders

In 2020, online eCommerce sales increased by 32.4% due to the coronavirus pandemic. More and more people are warming to the idea of ordering online and abandoning traditional high street stores. This is all well and good, but as the retailer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the item makes it to the customer. If the delivery doesn’t make it to the customer, trust for business and brand will plummet, particularly if the item in question was highly anticipated or expensive.

Address validation tools such as PredictiveAddress™ or Postcode Lookup can help ensure that the customer's address is valid at the point of capture. Whether that is input through the website or your business CRM.


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