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Top 5 blockbuster movies with big data themes

Hollywood is famed for its far-reaching future inspired storylines. From action to sci-fi and thrillers, big data is a major storyline. Whether you realise it or not, Big Data impacts everyday life in many ways and is no longer a futuristic storyline from Hollywood.

Here at Data8, our data experts have rounded up our top 5 films that showcase the power of big data and provide the perfect viewing for these cold winter nights.


  1. Moneyball

The 2011 film, Moneyball, based on a true story, centres around statistics on baseball. Following a major defeat, general manager, Billy Beane, recruits Yale graduate Peter Brand to use his revolutionary sabermetric model to put together a winning team. Written by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin, the movie was nominated for several Academy awards.


  1. 21

21 is based on the true story about six MIT students who learn to count cards and take Las Vegas by storm. It shows predictive analysis in live-action and it’s nothing short of mesmerizing!


  1. Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a movie about artificial intelligence. A talented young programmer wins an office contest to be part of a revolutionary experiment in artificial intelligence by assessing the human-like qualities of an AI robot. This sci-fi blockbuster themes are data collection and surveillance with an AI robot twist.


  1. The Imitation Game

Loosely based on the real-life challenge faced by mathematician Alan Turing as he tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow talented code breakers during World War II, helping the allied forces win the war against the Nazis. This nail-biting race against time movie has a star-studded cast.


  1. Live Free or Die Hard

This close to Christmas, it would be a crime not to include Die Hard!

In the fourth instalment of the Die Hard franchise, we see the FBI cybercrime division being hacked. John McClane and a young hacker, Matthew Farrell, join forces to take down international cyber terrorist Thomas Gabriel.


Whether you have an interest in data science or just looking for a gripping film to watch, these iconic movies are not to be missed!

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