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Data Quality Solutions

There is a variety of data integration solutions which you may not be aware of that can help improve your organisations data quality. The combination of validation, comprehensive data cleansing tools and innovative de-duplication solutions will allow you to remove all trace of dirty data to unleash the power of a clear, single customer view. Tools are designed to further enhance this view by providing powerful insights into your organisation in real time.  

Let’s look at these solutions in more detail:


Effectively remove duplicates with Duplicare™

Every organisation has duplicates. Large quantities can significantly impact your brand and can lead to costly and unnecessary marketing campaigns. Duplicare™ is our flagship solution which is an automated tool designed to dedupe, merge, and standardise multiple records all at once. Duplicare™ has the power to add value to even the most chaotic of databases, restoring unmatched quality that has been long lost over a sustained period of neglect.

 The key advantages of Duplicare™ include:

  • Easy to integrate
  • Uses advanced data matching to merge and automate real-time deduplications quickly and seamlessly.
  • Businesses can achieve a high-quality database which provides an accurate overall view of your records.
  • Eliminates and prevents duplicates with more accuracy, control, and speed than ever before.
  • Gain a more accurate insight into sales and demographic statistics.
  • Save time and money by contacting the same customers twice, whilst boosting your brand reputation.
  • Fuzzy matching: Duplicare™ extends beyond exact matches and meticulously inspects every record for variations in spellings, fuzzy errors, and abbreviations, ensuring no duplicates are missed.
  • Build your own custom, matching, merge and exclusion rules
  • Multi merging functionality allows you to combine multiple records simultaneously
  • Quick merge functionality
  • Schedule batch de-dupes
  • Phone standardisation
  • Address standardisation

Free 14- day trials are available.


Fast accurate address entry using PredictiveAddress

PredictiveAddress™ allows your users to simply just start typing the address details of your new prospects and get instant autocomplete suggestions. PredictiveAddress™ can easily be integrated into Dynamics 365 and offers a variety of benefits.

  • Address Autocomplete, providing instant autocomplete suggestions
  • Provides coverage in 251 countries
  • PredictiveAddress™ uses official postal service or government data wherever possible
  • Advanced fuzzy matching techniques
  • Address validation – verifies the address is valid at point of capture, reducing the need to cleanse once in CRM
  • Ensures addresses are entered in a standardised format, making finding the record easier.

Get full insights into businesses within your system

Our Business Insights service can be integrated into Dynamics, providing real-time, comprehensive data profile reports. From just one company name we can simultaneously retrieve a complete company profile including:

  • Full address
  • Registered company and trading address
  • Group structure
  • SIC code
  • Turnover
  • Number of employees
  • Current credit position
  • Full financial history

Our Business Insight service can give users the fastest, most accurate company validation reports on over 2.5 million active businesses in the UK and Ireland. It allows your organisation to make informed trading decisions, business opportunities and safeguard your organisation from bad debt. It is easy to install with no coding required.

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