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Drive Value from Your Membership and Supporter Data

Drive Value from Your Membership and Supporter Data. Football Stadium packed with Supporters
Drive Value from Your Membership and Supporter Data

The secret to a great membership experience is personalisation. And by personalisation, we don’t mean using a first name at the start of an email! Real personalisation means delivering meaningful content of interest at the right times.

This is no mean feat. Sports clubs can have thousands of members. This is where your membership data will help you achieve meaningful touch points.

By using the existing information in your AMS (Associate Management Software) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) you should be able to create personas for your members, identify personal key dates and understand member journeys and lifecycle patterns to help drive future communications.


Here are some simple steps on how to make the most of your membership data:

Audit your database

Poor quality data can impact both performance and profits. Understanding your current data, platforms and capabilities is key to creating a strategic plan to use your data to its full potential.

Get a free Data8 data quality audit, using our online portal here.


Clean and Scrub

Ensure that your data is accurate, remove, update and append errors and duplicate records. Data quality decays over time, scheduling regular cleanses and integrating data validation at point of capture.


Add Value

Consider how your current data can help you deliver added value for your members and supporters. How can it be used to deliver a personalised experience. What other data could you capture to support personalisation.


Capture more data

Over time, you’ll be able to increase the amount of data that your organisation captures and even automate the process. Make sure that you focus on data that is useful and include steps to ensure accuracy and maintain data quality. Data 8’s Live Validation services, enable accurate data gathering at point of capture ensuring the highest quality of data from the outset.


Data quality is a continual business process. Data decay occurs daily and can become a time-consuming and resource heavy task. Working in partnership with experts, such as Data8, can ensure your data is maintained whilst giving you the time to focus on your organisation and providing a personalised experience for each and every member and supporter.

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