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Working around merging errors

You may have recently noticed errors when merging records in Dynamics 365 that look like:

TransactionCurrencyId needs to be supplied to format the money field (Id: <guid>, Name: <field name>, Value: <number>, Entity: <name>)

This seems to be the result of a recent change to the way Microsoft handle the merge request.

For any record to have a money value associated with it, you also need to specify a currency that all the money values on that record will be in . For example, one record could be in US Dollars and another could be in GB Pounds Sterling.

When you update the record, you can change the value of any of those money fields, and unless you also change the currency at the same time they will stay in the currency you've previously selected. This also applies to changes you make to the master record when you merge two records, until recently.

When you merge records in Dynamics 365 you send a request with three bits of information:

  1. The master record
  2. The child ("subordinate") record
  3. Any changes to make to the master record (the "update content")

Using the standard Microsoft merge window you can select whether to keep the value from either of the two records in each field, or using Duplicare you have much more flexibility, but both will have the same effect. Say you're merging two accounts, one with a £100 credit limit and another with a £1,000 credit limit. You want to keep the first as the master, but change its credit limit to £1,000 so you select the credit limit value from the second record.


With the latest change, this will now trigger the error:


It's a rather misleading error message, as both records do have a currency configured for them. However, the key is that the "update content" part of the merge request does not - it only contains the value 1000 and not the currency it is in.

If you're using Duplicare we have a quick fix, please download and install the latest version of the solution. This isn't yet available on AppSource as the certification process takes a few days, but for now you can download it directly here.

For those not using Duplicare you can work around the problem by first unticking the "View fields with conflicting data" option, then choosing the currency from the second record (even if it's the same currency as the master record):


Hopefully Microsoft can resolve this problem swiftly, but hopefully this will keep you merging in the meantime!


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