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Ready To Get Started with Data Cleansing? Here's How...

Option 1: Register to obtain access to our online cleansing portal, Data8 Online


  • No upfront fees or credit-card required
  • Free Data Quality Audits provided for every file you submit
  • Technical support and a dedicated Data Specialist to help you every step of the way with cleansing your data and maximising ROI for your organisation
  • Access to a wide range of data cleansing services including PAF Address Cleansing, Movers, Goneaways and Suppression Services such as TPS, CTPS, MPS and Baby MPS

Option 2: Book a consultation with one of our Data Quality Experts



  • Discuss your current data quality issues
  • Obtain a tour of Data8 Online and its features
  • Receive guidance on Interpreting a Data Quality Audit and assistance in choosing the cleansing services most suited to help you achieve your business objectives.