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Introducing Data8's Copilot Plugin

Manage Data in Even More Ways...

Our Copilot connector plugin was announced at Microsoft Build 2024 & can be found on the official Copilot ecosystem. Providing further enhancements of data for a better customer experience; allowing real-time email verification, telephone number validation, and additional checks for valid data formats. 

Data8's Services

Here at Data8 we make it easier for you to manage your data; with a suite of cloud-based data quality applications. From the point of capture with predictive address, email & phone validation to maintaining database health by deduping records against existing contacts with Data8 Duplicare

You can now monitor data quality over time with our newest edition, Data8 Data Integrity. Empower your CRM users to generate rules, develop scores, and create call to action messages to improve data quality and boost team performance. 



Phone and Email Validation

Real time & batch verification

Data8 Duplicare

Detect & merge like a pro

Data8 Data Integrity

Monitor & improve data quality over time

Predictive Address

Fast & accurate address entry

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Speak to our Experts

If you're still not sure where to start or have questions you weren't able to ask on our stand, fill in the form below and one of our data quality experts will be in touch. 

Fully Integrated with:

M365 Copilot

Power Platform 

Dynamics 365

Power Apps

Power Automate

Power Pages