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Data usage in education enables a more effective evaluation of resources and programs along with supporting the wellbeing of students, teachers, and premises.

The education sector holds huge amounts of contact details from current students, alumni, and staff members; and many education professionals use personal spreadsheets for data storage. Without constant maintenance and consolidation into a single customer view, these records can deteriorate and become out of date.

To use data successfully in the education sector, effective management, and data reporting is key. Data quality management organises datasets, improving communication with students, parents, and educational professionals.

How we can help you

Data naturally decays over time. Frequently cleaning and enriching your data will:

  • Improved efficiencies & maximise ROI on resources and programs
  • Improved ability to obtain new students
  • Save time and money
  • Ensure data compliance
  • Improved communications deliverability

Find your Solution

Data Validation

Our suite of data validation tools will help you quickly capture and verify customer data at point of entry.

Data Cleansing

Improve the quality of your B2B and B2C databases with cleansing services from Data8. Suppress and cleanse movers, deceased and gone-aways. 


Designed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to dedupe, merge, and standardise multiple records all at once.

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