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Why stand back and let another mistyped field become another missed opportunity? Integrate Data8’s advanced data quality solutions into all your Adobe Marketo Engage forms, and instantly gain a significant ROI.

By validating your customer’s data in real-time, you’ll save valuable time and money contacting invalid records, improve your campaign success rate and increase conversions.

Services Available Within Marketo

There's a number of services available within Adobe Marketo Engage including address capture and validation.

Don't see the service you are interested in?

Any of our API's can also be implemented into Marketo.

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Email Verification

As your customer enters their email address, our innovative tool looks beyond syntax, carrying out a live check to verify if it’s currently active, while making smart suggestions for typographic errors and flagging any invalid fields in red.

By adding instant email validation to all your Marketo forms, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again, improving your delivery rate, enhancing your sender reputation and driving conversions.

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See how our Email Validation plugin can help transform your site


Enter a name as well as an email to get improved suggested corrections. No data is stored or used for anything apart from this demo. * Required field
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Phone Validation

At the same time your customer enters their mobile or landline number, our advanced technology instantly verifies if it’s accurate and live, standardising it in a format of your choice, and providing an insight into its type, location and network.

By integrating real-time validation into all your Marketo forms, you’ll deliver a much smoother customer experience, improve employee productivity and seize every sales opportunity.

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Check out the Phone Validating app for yourself!


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There's so many benefits to using the data8 integration for Marketo

Benefit 1

Highly customisable

By using HTML and Javascript form validation, you can tailor our plugin to suit your unique needs; setting bespoke error messages and applying validation to any custom field.

Benefit 2

Boosted ROI

By verifying contact details in real time, you’ll reduce the risk of hard bounces and blocked emails, improving your sender reputation and response rate to deliver a high ROI.

 Benefit 3

Save time and money

By flagging invalid data in real time, your customers can promptly correct errors, saving you time and money spent contacting invalid records and re-capturing accurate data.

Benefit 4

Enhanced intelligence

By only sending marketing material to real customers with real email addresses, you generate more accurate statistics, therefore gaining more valuable customer insight.

Benefit 5

Customer Satisfaction

Phone numbers and emails are your main means of customer communication, so by validating them in real time, you can deliver unsurpassed service to enhance customer satisfaction.

Benefit 6

Award-winning support

We work extremely hard to gain your trust, and even harder to keep it, consistently delivering award-winning support, ISO 27001 standard security and unsurpassed expert advice.

Getting Started

Copy the Marketo integration code, and insert it into your Marketo landing page or Marketo form embed code. Enter your API key and choose the options to suit your needs. If you aren't sure, see the guide below for screenshots and help on how to achieve this.

Next Steps...

If you are ready to get started, sign-up to our online self-service portal account and start your free 14-day trial (no card details needed).

If you still need some expert advice, our team are ready to help, just leave your message and someone will be in touch shortly.