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Data8 & Microsoft Power Automate

The Data8 API can be called within the Microsoft Power Automate ecosystem directly through the Data8 Data Enrichment certified connector. This means you can improve your data quality in a variety of ways across the Power Platform and beyond by building Flows connecting all your systems together. So whether it be a model-driven app, a canvas app or you simply want to cleanse your data on a regular schedule, the Power Automate connector is the perfect solution.

Integrated Services within the Data8 Power Automate connector

Check Usable Name

Ensure your Darth Vaders are disregarded as false and your real names are passed through to the correct systems using our salacious names service.

Clean Address

Keep your addresses clean, correct and standardised, and your countries, states, towns and road names consistent and accurate using our address cleansing service.

Bank Validation

Validate the authenticity and accuracy of your customer's sort codes and account numbers across the UK in real-time using the bank account validation service.

TPS & CTPS Checking

Instantly screen all UK phone numbers against the TPS and the CTPS register to ensure you are staying fully compliant using both the TPS service and the CTPS service respectively.

Email Validation

Enhance the success of your email campaigns by instantly verifying whether the email address is genuine, live and deliverable using the email validation service.

Telephone Verification

If you ring the number, would it connect? Check all numbers in your system to improve performance using the International Telephone Validation service.

Integrating Data8 within your flows is quick and simple; all you need is an API key and some credits for the relevant services.

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