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Address autocompletion for fast, accurate address entry
  • Address Autocomplete
    Just start typing your address details in the normal fields and get instant autocomplete suggestions.
  • International
    Coverage of 251 countries
  • Authoritative
    Uses official postal service or government data wherever possible
  • Fuzzy Matching
    Advanced fuzzy matching techniques help you find the correct address even with inaccurate input
  • Address Validation
    Verifies the address is valid at point of capture, reducing errors in your customer data.
  • Address Standardization
    Ensure addresses are entered in standardized format, making finding the right record easier and improving analytics results
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Getting Started

Select a method of installation. Magento Marketplace should always be the preferred method of installation, however you can choose to install the plugin manually should you wish. Links to both installations can be found below.

Manual Installation Help

Having downloaded your file, you can now upload it to your Magento site. If you aren't sure, see the guide below for screenshots and help on how to achieve this.