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With market-leading technology, duplicare™ scans every entity to detect all potential duplicates within a database.

Looking beyond simple matches, Data8 checks for variations in names, email addresses, house addresses and company names to capture all potential replicas.

duplicare™ adds the ability to merge more than 2 records at any time and by using custom rules that we will help you build you can add intelligence into your merging window to make the process quick and simple whilst keeping the highest level of data quality possible.


To get started with our duplicare™ service, complete the prerequisite checks below and then follow the instructions on our Installation Guide. Contact us if you get stuck or have a specific use case and we'll be happy to provide you with technical assistance.


Before installing the Data8 duplicare™ solution, it is important that you complete the following list of prerequisites:

  1. Online or IFD
    Your Dynamics 365 instance must either be hosted by Microsoft (with a domain name ending in or be configured for Internet Facing Deployment (IFD). This guide will be tailored towards online integration.
  2. Version
    You must have version 8.1.x.x or higher. To confirm your product version, when you are in a model driven app, click on the gearwheel icon in the top right corner of the Dynamics screen and click About. 
  3. Data8 account
    You must have a valid Data8 account. Please register at if you have not already
  4. Registered CRM connection
    We need to be able to connect to your CRM for the duplicare™ solution to work correctly. Please enter your connection details at

Once you have met these prerequisites please contact your Data8 account manager to apply your duplicare™ license to your account.


The next step of the setup process is to install the Data8 duplicare solution. From the Installation Guide page, select your preferred method of installation (AppSource or manually via zip file).

If you choose to install the solution manually, follow the instructions on this page. For AppSource installation, these steps will have been completed for you.

Updating Through App Source

Is there a new version?

The Data8 duplicare  solution itself has a version checker installed and you will be prompted when you do have a version available to upgrade. Alternatively, Data8 may from time to time contact you to let you know there is a version available for you too.

In the “Duplicare Administration” model driven you’ll see an “Authenticate” option in the left hand navigation bar. By selecting this, you may see the warning in the image to the right.

If you do see this message, head over to the Duplicare solution in App Source to get the latest version.

For more information see our documentation page on Updating Through App Source.