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Updating through App Source

Is there a new version?

The Data8 duplicare  solution itself has a version checker installed and you will be prompted when you do have a version available to upgrade. Alternatively, Data8 may from time to time contact you to let you know there is a version available for you too.

In the “Duplicare Administration” model driven you’ll see an “Authenticate” option in the left hand navigation bar. By selecting this, you may see this warning:

Where is the new version?

If you head to App Source and view the duplicare solution – or go direct through this link:


How to install it?

If you have previously installed through App Source

Head to, expand the left “Resources” panel and select “Dynamics 365 apps”.

In the list of apps you should see "data8 duplicare™". Select this row, then click Install in the toolbar.

If you haven’t previously installed through App Source

You will see a button that says “Free Trial” – click that.

This will prompt a second popup that may ask for more information – this is a required step and you will need to give Microsoft permissions to continue.

Once you press “Continue”, you will be redirected to a new page.

If you see an error like this, please refer to the “In case of Error” section of this document.

If you don’t see the error, you will see an option to select your instance.

Select the instance you wish to install, agree to all terms and requirements and click “Agree”.

Again, you will be redirected to a list of all your solutions and now included in that list should be the latest version of your solution.

This can take some time, so just sit back and relax!

If you hit any issue, please email us at and we will do our best to assist you

In case of error

NOTE: There is a known bug here where you may see this:

If this is the case, check your URL. It may start something like this:

Here, change the part to the crm version relevant to your instance, for example - this will now look for your correct versioning.

Auto Updating through AppSource

You can now, in beta, auto update your solutions via AppSource meaning you never have to worry about ensuring your on the latest version again. If this is something you'd like to enable start at and select your environment. Press "Settings" in the top menu to see the environment settings available to you.

At the bottom right, expand the option entitled "Updates" and click "App update settings (Preview)".