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Yes, although to use a service you need suitable credits on your account. Speak to your account manager to get credits for a new service.

Although we recommend using our record form override to get access to almost all of our services in one place, for some users this is not something that they want to do. In this situation, lightning components may be the answer to what you are looking for.

Lightning components can be added to the lightning record pages of objects and will be displayed when viewing a record. We currently have lightning components for our Bank Validation, TPS checking and PredictiveAddress services.

If compatibility with custom fields or layouts is your worry, our record form override integration uses your chosen form layout, resulting in compatibility with custom fields and layouts.

To uninstall the Data8 plugin, simply follow the installation guide in reverse, removing any plugin dependant customisations made to your forms, button action overides, and lightning record page integrations.

A basic uninstall process may look like the following:

1) Remove Data8 visualforce pages, and custom buttons from any forms. If you have created custom TPS result fields, these will need to be removed too.
2) Remove any "Buttons, Links and Actions" overrides set up for the Data8 plugin.
3) Remove any Data8 lightning components added to active lightning record pages.

Once these steps have been completed, you should be able to uninstall the plugin from the 'Installed Packages' page.

We have tried to keep permissions simple by creating a Data8 User permission set which adds the minimum required permissions to the user, mainly consisting of read and write access to custom objects used for saving configuration and mappings.

If you installed the solution for admins only, you may find that non-admin users do not have read or write access to the custom fields added with the Data8 plugin such as custom TPS result fields. This will result in the TPS checking not working for non-admin users. To fix this issue, simply add read/write access to the Data8 custom fields for the user profile, or re-install the plugin, selecting "Install for all users".