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Step 1: Install the package

For Sandbox installation, replace in the url with
  1. Click the button above to be redirected to the installation page.
  2. Sign into your organisation and click the ‘Install’ button.
  3. Agree to allowing requests to the domain as this is necessary for our validation APIs to work.
  4. Once you see the installation complete screen, click the Done button.

Step 2: Assign User Permissions

Users will need access to our custom objects and custom settings to store and read configuration options and mappings.
  1. Open 'Setup'.
  2. Search for the 'Permission Sets' settings
  3. Locate and click on the 'Data8 User' permission set.
  4. Click the 'Manage Assignments' button
  5. Click the 'Add Assignments' button
  6. Select all users that will be using the Data8 services.

Step 3: Data8 Settings Page

Configure settings to suit your needs, whether using one of our services, or a combination of several.

The settings page contains all of the configuration options for Data8 services within Salesforce. It can be accessed by searching 'Data8' or 'Settings' in the app launcher quick search bar.

There are many options available on this page that control how the Data8 services work. The link below explains each option and should help getting the plugin set up to suit your needs.

Step 4: Choose Integration Method

The next step is to decide which integration methods suit your needs. Use any or all of the following.

Our 'Record Form Override' method is an all-in-one solution which can be used to add our validation, address capture and TPS checking services to the point of data entry in real-time. Simply enable the services you wish to use in the 'Data8 Settings' page as described in the Configuration section above.

Use this integration method to prevent invalid data entering your system, replacing the standard form used for creating and editing records with a version containing our services. For both Lightning and Classic users, this method implements Data8's services at point of data entry, preventing invalid data entering your system whilst maintaining your customisations and supporting custom fields and objects. This means that our integration will still make use of your custom form layouts. However you will lose the ability to edit records inline. Supported services: PredictiveAddress, Bank Account Validation, TPS Checking, Email Validation, Phone Validation, Telephone Formatting, Name Validation.

Alternatively, integrate our services individually through Lightning components, custom buttons and visualforce pages. See the individual service pages below for guidance on setting these integrations up. Alternatively, check our User Guide for further information on integrating our lightning components into your Salesforce environment.

Use this integration method to add our services to the lightning record pages you see when viewing a record. We have built several drag-and-drop lightning components which quickly and simply integrate our services into any object. There are also custom buttons for PredictiveAddress and Business Insights which can be added to the form layout and some legacy visualforce pages which can be used to perform validation checks and display results of checks on the record.

See the specific pages below for help with each part of the configuration

Configuration (Settings Page)

A breakdown of the options available on the Data8 Settings Page in Salesforce.

Record Form Override

The recommended integration to implement Data8's services at point of data entry.

PredictiveAddress Configuration

Integrate PredictiveAddress on a Lightning record page, via a custom button or at point of data entry.

Bank Validation Configuration

Integrate Bank Validation on a Lightning record page or at point of data entry to prevent invalid data entering your system.

Business Insights Configuration

Integrate Business Insights on a Lightning record page to obtain useful information about a company from a company name or address.

TPS Configuration

Integrate TPS Checking on a Lightning record page or at point of data entry.

Legacy Validation Implementation Method

Deprecated integration method of validation services into Lightning record page.

Flow: External Services

Integrate any of Data8's API's into External Services in Salesforce, to use with Flows.

Batch Validation

Create or schedule batch jobs to run email or phone validation, or check numbers against the TPS, for multiple records at once.

All integrations are compatible with Salesforce classic, other than the Lightning Components.

Once you have configured your Salesforce environment to make use of the integrations you wish to use, read our User Guide for information on how to use our services.