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Legacy Validation Implementation Method

This was the previous method used to implement Data8 validation into your Salesforce instance before the lightning update. It is hard-coded for the standard telephone and email fields on the Account, Contact and Lead objects. This method will be useful to those who do not wish to override the default record form of an object.

This method can be used to implement Telephone Validation on the Account, Contact or Lead objects, or Email Validation on the Contact object. Validation will be performed each time the record is viewed.

To implement phone or email validation without overriding the record form of an object:

  1. Go to 'Setup' > 'Objects and Fields' > 'Object Manager'.
  2. Select the desired object to apply validation to.
  3. Go to 'Page Layouts' and edit the page layout of the object.
  4. Drag the appropriate Visualforce pages onto the page layout (e.g Data8 Account Phone Validation).
  5. Save the layout.

The appropriate validation checks will now be performed when viewing the record. Make sure you configure your validation settings on the Data8 Settings page for the validation to work.