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Secure Data Transfers

If you're transferring data to us, you need to make sure it's done efficiently and securely. We offer a number of different methods to meet your needs.


Transferring files via our website is the easiest way for occasional transfers. Use our Data8Online system for self-service data cleansing requirements, or upload a file to your Manual Files area in the dashboard to send it to our Professional Services team


We support data transfers via the secure FTPS and SFTP protocols. We do not support the insecure FTP protocol. Using compatible software you can connect to our server at:

FTPS Port 21
SFTP Port 22

You can use the same username and password to log in to the FTPS / SFTP server as you use for the website. Alternatively, send us your SSH public key and you can use public key authentication with SFTP.

Users are not automatically enabled to access the FTPS / SFTP server - please contact us to enable individual users for this service.