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At Data8, we take a flexible approach to Automated Data Cleansing depending on the skill set available at your company or any security processes in place with regard to processing data for cleansing. The three methods available are via our Batch Cleanse API, File-based exchanges or Push-Pull. Explore the options below and contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. When you choose Data8 for your cleansing project, our technical team will work with you to recommend the best automated approach based on your organisations security protocols, technical skill set and business objectives.

Batch API Cleansing

Batch API

This service gives you complete control of your data cleansing. Integrate them into your existing system or create a new integration to start processing your own jobs and keep your data clean, valid and up to date. Our Production team will set up a workflow for you, based on your requirements, and provide you with the details you need to start. Using this information, datasets containing your data can be created and processed, and output datasets returned, as and when you need them.


  • Full Customer Control
  • Parameters can control workflow giving you more flexibility
  • Job Progress can be monitored effectively
  • Summary Statistics can be extracted easily

See our 'How To' guide for more information, or help on getting started with our batch cleansing API's


Data8 Pull/Push

With this service, Data8 pulls data from your system using a supported API. We then perform Data Cleansing as per your requirements and push the newly cleansed data back to your system.


  • Simple Automation
  • Very Easy to implement
  • Supported in the following technologies
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Salesforce
    • SQL Database (subject to security)
  • Ideal where in-house programming skills are limited
File Based Exchange

File-Based Exchange

File Based Exchange involves a simple exchange of files between you and Data8.


  • Simple Automation
  • Clear repeatable jobs
  • Suitable where in-house programming skills are limited
  • Overnight batch cleanse process


Data Sources

At Data8, we pride ourselves on our data independence. Unlike many of our direct competitors we are not owned or influenced by a major data provider and as such we have access to the widest possible range of industry-leading data sources, including Mortascreen, TBR, NCOA, Royal Mail PAF, BT, the DMA, GAS and More...

Explore Data Sources


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