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Baby MPS

The Baby Mailing Preference Service is here to help reduce the number of baby-related mailings that you may send to parents who would be unintentionally hurt by receiving a baby-related mailing.

The Baby Mailing Preference Service was devised in order to help parents who would prefer not to receive baby related marketing materials as it may cause unintended distress.

As responsible professionals, Direct Mail companies don't want to upset anyone or waste time sending marketing messages that are not welcome. This is especially relevant with regards to parents who have recently had the misfortune to lose a baby.

The BMPS was created so that marketers can ensure that any baby-related marketing does not cause offence to anyone who has registered on the Baby MPS.

If you need to register your personal details on the BMPS to stop baby-related marketing messages to your home address then you need to visit the Baby Mailing Preference Service website.

Use of the Baby Mailing Preference Service as part of your data cleansing process is not a legal requirement and is only recommended with a mailing that would be sensitive to parents who have recently lost a baby. Its use is a condition of the Direct Marketing Association's Code of Practice and the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion administered by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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