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Business Suppression Data File

The Business Suppression File (BSF) from The Data Agency contains details of over 7 million business and contacts that are no longer available, either because the business has moved or closed, the contact has left the business or died, or the business address is a known company registration address (e.g. accountants, solicitors) rather than the company trading address.

The Business Suppression File (BSF) is the most effective way of removing obsolete businesses and employees from your B2B mailings. BSF is owned and maintained by TRG Strata, a REaD Group plc Associated Company.

Matching your database against BSF will enable you to remove companies and employees that cannot or will not respond - making your marketing communications more targeted, thus improving response, increasing ROI and protecting your brand. The information on BSF is updated every quarter and has been shown as 98.8% accurate by an independent audit.

Despite the B2B DM market being only 6% of the size of its B2C counterpart, it is responsible for 20% of the direct mail sent in the UK. 67% of the 1 billion items of mail sent to business addresses in the UK contains one or more errors. Business data decays at more three times that of consumer data, making data cleansing even more vital when marketing to businesses.

BSF's unique combination of sources is from leading industry databases, including D&B, Experian, Thomson, Yell and Companies House.


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