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DBS Purifi

DBS Purifi data suppression file is the result of combining DBS extensive B2C LifeBase data universe with known home mover data to identify the exact point a home is vacated. Every time they receive a home mover notification, they match the address to our consumer universe to find the details and add this information to the Purifi suppression file.

According to Zoopla, the average UK family moves house 8 times in their lifetime and the latest census suggests that 7 million people change address every year. Data suppression is critical to keeping your data fresh and accurate whilst
minimising the cost of wasted mailings to people who have moved away.

Purifi provides:
• 31 million household records with full postal contact details
• 180,000 re-location addresses(growing monthly)
• 50-100k new mover records every month (dependent onnumbers of house sales)
• The most cost effective suppression solution available.

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