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The Mortascreen data file contains the name and address details of over 10 million deceased individuals. Over 50,000 records are collected each month, accounting for 95% of all deaths in the UK.

Mortascreen is licensed for the purpose of direct mail suppression only, it may not be used for credit screening or fraud detection purposes. For anti-fraud applications, you need to use the Halo file. This makes Mortascreen the largest file of its kind, with the most comprehensive collection of recent deaths.


Independent estimates suggest that around 170,000 mailings are delivered every day to people who are now dead. Not only does Mortascreen provide a means of preventing this unnecessary distress to bereaved families, but it can also save your company considerable amounts of money and the possibility of costly, negative PR.


Any company sending out direct mail to consumers should be data cleansing using Mortascreen for cleansing cold lists or for ongoing database management. Deceased Suppression is now accepted as industry best practice and for good reason.


Each record has been allocated a source indicator ranging from level 10, probate data, to level 1, third party data. These indicators enable users to determine their own screening levels dependant on the input data.



Mortascreen is a file of over 10.5 million deceased consumer names and addresses. It covers the whole of the UK including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

Mortascreen is the preferred, proven and trusted choice of a wide range of businesses throughout the UK, and provides accurate, comprehensive and recent data. Mortascreen remains the only file to be sourced from fully verified data using positive notifications of death. The file does not contain any assumed deaths generated from inactivity on financial accounts, postal returns or unverified third party deaths. Our data includes exclusive sources not available to any other suppliers.



Mortascreen data is supplied from a variety of known and trusted sources within the bereavement services sector. Exclusive, long term licences are in place with all data providers.


  • Data is supplied to us from the main funeral providers in the UK
  • Information is gathered as funeral arrangements are being put in place. Green forms or death certificates are required by the funeral directors which provide the verification level we require
  • Data is received daily and includes deaths with recency being as early as the previous day
  • This data represents approximately 50% of each weekly output.


  • Positive notifications of death from financial institutions. This data is collected and verified when a next of kin notify a financial institution that a death has taken place. This data is not assumed or gathered by inactivity
  • Data is received weekly from these suppliers and includes deaths with an average recency of 1 to 14 days
  • Death certificate number is provided to us as a means of verification
  • This data represents approximately 5% of each weekly output.


  • The exclusive long-term contract held, for use of UK probate data within Mortascreen
  • Notification is provided as Grant of Probate is issued
  • Data is received weekly
  • Due to the nature of the Probate process the average recency of this data set is 12 weeks (although some data may extend up to 12 months plus)
  • Grant of Probate number is provided as means of verification
  • This data set represents approximately 30% of each weekly file.


  • Death notification forms completed within registry offices or through our online registration service
  • Forms are distributed to Registrars throughout the UK
  • A death certificate number is requested during this process
  • Data is received weekly and includes deaths from the previous two weeks
  • This data set represents approximately 15% of each weekly file.


  • Data is received by us daily and output to clients weekly or monthly, as requested.
  • The average weekly supply contains approx. 8,500 new records.
  • Clients can choose to take a full refresh of the Mortascreen file or a delta file including just the new additional records.


With circa 10.5 million records Mortascreen is the UK’s biggest and only fully verified file.

All records include forename, middle name (where available), surname, fully PAF (postal address file) corrected address lines and postcode, title, gender, the actual date of death (not date added to file) and date of birth (where such data is available).

The actual date of death offers an additional level of matching accuracy and Mortascreen has full coverage of this data.

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