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National Deceased Register

The NDR is a new deceased suppression file from the Ark. The file, which has taken over 3 years to create in collaboration with over 8,000 partner organisations, contains over 4.3m verified deceased records. Additionally, over 30% of the records on the NDR are unique and do not appear on any other deceased database.

Launched in April 2011 the National Deceased Register [NDR] is now utilised by many of the country’s leading data bureaux and data processors to ensure that their databases are maintained to the highest standards. 

The NDR differs from other files in the UK market in the way in which it is compiled, with the data derived from the management of financial services products such as life insurance, pensions, and annuities.

Financial institutions have an obligation to guard against fraud and, as part of their due diligence processes create accurate and reliable records of deceased individuals in order for them to guard against fraudulent activity. It is this data, corroborated by multiple sources, which is used to create the NDR file.

The National Deceased Register provides over 4million records, dating back to the year 2000, with an average of 40,000 new deceased records added each month.


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