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Mutually Exclusive SONAR Groups According to Type of Neighbourhood


Broad Lifestyle Groups

Sonar Demographic services use a truly unique segmentation system that divides the population of Great Britain into 80 mutually exclusive groups according to the types of neighbourhood in which they live. To do this a number of different data sources were used including:

  • Census data
  • Postcode classification of Wealth
  • Postcode classification of Consumer Activity
  • Land Registry data on house prices and sales activity
  • Council Tax Bands

These sources were carefully examined and key variables that would provide maximum discrimination were chosen to build the classification. A number of different statistical techniques were tested and a huge number of different cluster solutions were built and compared before the final preferred solution was chosen. Sonar is the final result.

How Sonar Codes are Formulated

The 80 Sonar Codes are formed using a combination of one of the 6 life-stage groups and 4 wealth quartiles:



Group A – Young Singles

Group B – Young Families

Group C – Families

Group D – Mature Families

Group E – Empty Nesters

Group F – Retired


Group 1 – Affluent

Group 2 – Comfortable

Group 3 – Less Comfortable

Group 4 - Struggling

These codes form the three character Sonar Code. As an example, the Sonar code A11 is “Metropolitan Young Professionals”. The A represents ‘Young Singles’, and the second digit the wealth quartile 1 the most affluent 25% of the country. Another example would be, Sonar code F44 – “Elderly Struggling Council Tenants” where F represents the elderly life stage and the first 4 showing the least affluent 25%.

With Demographic Profiling You Can:

Improve Marketing ROI

Segment and Target marketing campaigns with greater accuracy to maximise ROI

Create Better Personas

SONAR data can help in producing more accurate customer personas

Track Changes

Stay ahead with population, lifestyle and wealth changes to your database

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